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The box office hit heist thriller film, Now You See Me has opened new doors for more of its action-packed and mysterious plot with its sequel, Now You See Me: The Second Act and the third film with a still unknown title. As fans of the movie waiting for an update, details seem to be vague as to when the production will start filming or can they reach the 2019 target for the movie to be released, noting the very short time given.

And if they cannot commit to the target release date of the film, then up to when will be its delay, sadly until now, there are no answers for every question thrown by its fans and viewers.

Now You See Me 3 is expected to be more thrilling than all of the previous series, with the Four Horsemen pulls off near-impossible missions to reveal the true enemy. Looking back at Now You See Me: The Second Act, it was equally successful as far as box office gross worth is concerned, therefore there is no reason that the third film which was already developed and planned as early as 2015 will not push through.

Negativity aside, Now You See Me 3 was already confirmed by no other than Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer on May 22, 2015, and the details were already discussed and planned.

Moreover, there were already previous reports that Jon Chu who also directed Now You See Me: The Second Act has already signed on to direct the third installment. Although there is no official announcement for its casts, it is expected that Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Michael Caine, Lizzy Caplan, Mark Ruffalo, and Morgan Freeman will likely be reprising their roles.

Previous casts like Isla Fisher and Elias Koteas may not be able to come back to the show given that their characters, Henley Reeves and Lionel Shrike has departed to the show by own mere choice and the other one, death, respectively. A new cast member, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch will also be joining, speculated to be the next nemesis, in connection to the previous Now You See Me films who had British villains.

In addition to its production staff, Neil Widener and Gavin James were hired to write the screenplay. Up to this time, fans are still holding on to its initial filming schedule on April 16 and a released date in the last quarter of 2019. A very tight 8-month production which is unlikely to happen but can be possible if Lionsgate commits to its 3-year interval for Now You See Me films. [Source]

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